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Looking for the best blender for smoothies and healthy shakes? Any blender can mix fruits for smoothies, blend vegetables for soups, make puree, green smoothies, ice creams or salsas. The difference from one blender to another is the results you get.

Durability, ease of cleaning, versatility and blend quality all depend on the blender you choose to buy. The amount of information, choices and advice out there is overwhelming, and most blenders look pretty much the same – it’s no surprise if you might already feel confused!

If you’re in the market for a new blender, the first step is to decide on a budget. Some pricier models can cost over $300, while others are less than $50. In general, the more expensive a smoothie blender is, the more power and performance you can expect.

However, not everyone requires that much power, which is why one of the more affordable models could be just what you need.



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4 things to consider when making the selection:


Type of Jar

Containers usually come in plastic, glass or stainless steel. The type of blender jar does not make any difference in (blender) performance or blending efficiency, with one exception. If a plastic jug interior has become scratched from use, contents might not blend (circulate in the jar) as thoroughly or smoothly.

It might also be more difficult to clean. This, of course, would be on the extreme scale and highly unusual. Plastics jugs are usually durable and light in weight.

There are two types of plastic containers, Polycarbonate and Co-polyester BPA free. But, the US Food and Drug Administration and other international agencies have banned the use of BPA as it contains toxins.

A glass container is more stable and heavier. Glass is also easier to keep clean as plastic jars may get scratches and may absorb the smell of the food. A glass jar, however, is much heavier to handle and that may be a buying consideration for those with arthritic or problem hands, as well as for the elderly. These jars are not as durable as they are also more prone to breakage if dropped.

There is a third type of blender jar that was more common with commercial blenders but has transitioned into the home counter blender industry – stainless steel. These metal jugs are much more durable than plastic or glass, but can also influence the blender price. One drawback for this type is that you cannot monitor blended contents.



Determining how much you’re willing to spend can easily narrow down your options a ton. However, oftentimes, you might have to take a look at the features you really want and then see what price point you’re looking at. If you really have to have that 64oz. stainless steel model, expect to pay more!

High-end blenders ($150 and up)—often called high-performance blenders—are more powerful, process much smoother textures, and will generally last a lot longer than the lower-end, under-$100 blenders. High-performance blenders will also tackle things that you’d never want to try in a cheap blender, such as making peanut butter or milling grains.



You will want a blender that is at least 1000W strong. This will allow you to more thoroughly break down the ingredients for your smoothie. A less powerful one will work, but your smoothie may be a little chewier.

You can use high-powered blenders for much more than just smoothie making such as making peanut butter and coconut butter which you would never be able to do with a cheap blender.



The most common complaint customers have found about cheap blenders is that their motors burn out easily and their jars crack or start leaking. But the reality is, all blenders can potentially burn out or develop a loose seal in the jar. This is why a long warranty is important, especially if you’re paying a lot for a blender.




TOP 10 Blenders On A Market:


Aicok Smoothie Blender

Very good choice for you to make a serious investment in your health and your kitchen as this smoothie maker is perfect for shakes or smoothies.

Price: $109.77 from Amazon

7 Features of Best Countertop Blender:

  • Blend Most Food
  • 70 oz Big Container Tritan Cup
  • Pro 6 Blade
  • Micro Safety Switch
  • Sleek Design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Certifications(BPA Free+UL Approved + FDA Certificated)

I like on Aicok blender that is very poverful(1400 W) and has a lifetime warranty. And it is easy to clean as well as you can put this blender into dishwasher.

And if you compare Aicok to competitors, it is not so expensive as vitamix for example so you can save some money as well.

If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:

Aicok Smoothie Blender – reviews and more details



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Ninja Professional Blender

This Ninja smoothie Maker with Nutri Ninja Cups is by far one of the most popular “affordable” blenders out there, and for good reason. With 1100 watts of power, this Ninja smoothie maker can crush just about anything you put in it with ease. It’s also built very tough, so it won’t break easily.

Price: $112.49 from Amazon

One of my favorite features of the Ninja Pro Blender is the two additional rows of blades in the middle and top. They provide lots of extra chopping power which comes in handy when you’ve filled the blender full of kale or spinach, which I do a lot.

It also comes with convenient cups, and it won’t break the bank while providing you a with a quality kitchen appliance that will last you a very long time.

The XL 72 oz. professional blender jar is great for making drinks and smoothies for the whole family. All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Ninja Blender comes with three functional speeds, pulse function, and single-serve functions. These functions help you create soups, smoothies and other mixtures with different textures.

The other feature that makes this blender an incredible addition to your home is the Total Crushing pitcher which pulverizes ice to snow within seconds making it easy for you to make the creamiest frozen drinks as well as smoothies.

Thanks to the power of this blender, you can easily make green smoothies rich in nutrients and vitamins. It easily blasts through the toughest ingredients like veggies, whole fruits, seeds and stems making the best juices and smoothies.

Check out for mostly positive reviews and the best available price here:

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups



SMOOTHIE TIP#1: Super Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Start your day off with a bang with this fruit-packed smoothie recipe.


1 cup fresh or frozen unsweetened raspberries

¾ cup chilled unsweetened almond or rice milk

¼ cup frozen or fresh pitted unsweetened cherries or raspberries

1 Tbsp honey

2 tsp finely grated fresh ginger

1 tsp ground flax seed

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

COMBINE all ingredients in blender, adding lemon juice to taste. Puree until smooth. Pour into 2 chilled glasses.

NUTRITION (per serving) 112 cals, 1.5 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 56 mg sodium, 25.5 g carbs, 20 g sugars, 3 g fiber, 1 g protein

Enjoy your breakfast and leave a comment if you like this healthy alternative.



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Blendtec Total Blender Classic

Features 6 preprogrammed blending cycles: Batters, Ice Crush, Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup with easy to read touch pad controls and 10 speed plus Pulse. What you may like is recipe book with more than 230 great tasting recipes and 8 years warranty what is unusual for blenders.

Price: $231.18 from Amazon

The Total Blender Classic is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milk shakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, batters, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast, easy-to-use machine. what may save you a lot of storage.

The Blendtec has a commercial-quality 1,560-watt, 3 HP (Peak Horsepower) direct-drive motor and a 2-prong stainless-steel blade that spins at up to 29,000 rpm. In English, this blender is one powerful machine capable of mixing just about anything.

The LCD display is illuminated and shows you a timer that counts down the time left for the cycle you’ve chosen.

Cleaning the Blendtec Total Blender is also very easy. Just add water and a few drops of dish soap. Pulse for about 5 seconds and then rinse. With the flat panel design, you’ll find it easy to wipe the motor base, and you won’t have to deal with spills and food particles getting stuck between the buttons or on the dial.

See comments from other customers:

Blendtec Total Blender Classic



NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

The Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System by Magic Bullet is portable, safe for kids, easy to use and effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, super foods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture.

The Nutri-Bullet’s power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all the nutrients from your food helping you to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible today.

Price: $69.99 from Amazon

12-Piece Set Includes:

  • 1 High-torque Power Base
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Milling Blade
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 2 Short Cups
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Manual & Cookbook
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist

It’s only 600 watts but its very powerful! NutriBullet is the best-selling blender on Amazon so check the price and reviews if interested:

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender



SMOOTHIE TIP #2: Tropical Papaya Perfection

Thick like a milkshake, this coconut-infused smoothie recipe transports you to a tropical island.


1 papaya, cut into chunks

1 cup fat-free plain yogurt

½ cup fresh pineapple chunks

½ cup crushed ice

1 tsp coconut extract

1 tsp ground flax seed

COMBINE the papaya, yogurt, pineapple, ice, coconut extract, and flax seed. Process for about 30 seconds, or until smooth and frosty.

NUTRITION (per serving) 299 cals, 1.5 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 149 mg sodium, 64 g carbs, 44 g sugars, 7 g fiber, 13 g protein

Do you like a summer smoothie inspiration?



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Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender

The durable machine(1400 W) delivers the power needed to blend just about anything–from soup to nuts, making it easy to prepare fresh, flavorful foods that are part of a healthy lifestyle for you. Crush ice, grind nut butters, make fresh juice, puree hot soups, blend smoothies, whisk sauces, whip up sorbets, and more. Create tasty snacks and delicious homemade meals with just the touch of a button.

Price: $186.95 from Amazon

Oster comes with 64-ounce BPA-Free Tritan Jar and is backed up by 7 year warranty. You will like a tamper what let you move difficult-to-process ingredients down into the blade for perfect blends.

The Versa Performance blender also provides a quick-connection top that lets you place the jar securely on the base without twisting, snapping, or forcing it into place, along with a sturdy base that prevents movement or slipping during operation.

The Versa Performance blender comes with two beautiful color cookbooks with recipes to inspire you. Categories include everything from Smoothies, Sensible Sips, and Sustaining Soups to Nutritious Butters, Satisfying Spreads, Trimmer Treats, and Baby Food.

This blender is a very good choice as you have a lot of extra features for a good value.

See what other customers say about this product:

Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender



Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville Hemisphere Control began with the observation that some blending ingredients float—and others don’t. How do you pull down what’s on top, while whipping up what’s below? Other blenders often blend unevenly, over-processing some ingredients and leaving lumps of others. The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender solves this problem with its innovative hemisphere blade system.

Price: $169.9o from Amazon

It comes with very good quality 48 oz. Tritan jar, inbuilt into jar excellent surgical quality stainless steel blade and all metal blade assembly. The construction is typical for the high-end blender type and makes it easy to use and clean. 750 W motor is good for light smoothies.

The Hemisphere Control combines the functionality of a powerful blender with some food processing tasks. It crushes and chops to turn ice into snow for velvety cocktails and also folds and aerates for creamy smoothies and soups. In addition, thanks to its innovative blade design and high torque motor, the Hemisphere Control can handle blending tasks more efficiently and with less noise.

The permanent blade system is a snap to clean: just put in a drop of detergent and blend with water to remove food remnants, and then put the entire jug in the dishwasher.

Check the best price and latest reviews here:

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender



SMOOTHIE TIP#3: Apricot-Mango Madness

Fresh lemon juice adds a tangy splash to this sweet smoothie.


6 apricots

2 ripe mangoes

1 cup reduced-fat milk or plain low-fat yogurt

4 tsp fresh lemon juice

¼ tsp vanilla extract

8 ice cubes

Lemon peel twists (garnish)

1. PLACE the apricots, mangoes, milk or yogurt, lemon juice, and vanilla extract in a blender. Process for 8 seconds. Add the ice cubes, and process 6 to 8 seconds longer, or until smooth.
2. POUR into tall glasses, garnish with lemon twists, if desired, and serve immediately.

NUTRITION (per serving) 252 cals, 3.5 g fat, 1.5 g sat fat, 57 mg sodium, 53 g carbs, 45.5 g sugars, 6 g fiber, 7 g protein

Mango is super tasty and very favorite fruit for shakes. Leave a message below what your favorite fruit for smoothies is?



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Vitamix 5200 Blender

The Vitamix 5200 is the universal tool for family meals and entertaining. Use the High speed as often as possible to achieve the most uniform consistency. Blending on High speed also maximizes the motor’s cooling fan to avoid overheating.

Price: $399.95 from Amazon

The built – in cooling fan is extremely important feature because it ensures that the unit does not burn out especially when churning through hot foods. It also means you do not have to pause between smoothies, so everyone in the family can eat at the same time – a must for a busy family mealtime.

Many users have shared their experiences of using the blender 4 to 5 times a day and it stand up to this level of use over years. You’ll be surprised how versatile a blender this powerful can be in your day to day cooking. Smoothie for breakfast, soup of lunch, pesto to go with your roast chicken for dinner.

For an advanced blending experience, choose the Vitamix 5200. You’ll appreciate the device’s reliable (and fast) performance, assortment of color options, ample power cord length and versatile blades.

It handles pretty much every task you try and it is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. The tamper is invaluable for pushing food down into the blades and ensuring smoothness. The 6-foot-long power cord makes it easier to plug in anywhere on the counter and still reach a power outlet.

Check the reviews from other customers who used professional blender from Vitamix:

Vitamix 5200 Blender



Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar

This blender combines powerful blending with versatility in the kitchen with pulse function, infinite speed dial for precise control, and four program settings for walk-away convenience. The extra-large 64 ounce BPA-free container is shatterproof and blends enough for family-size servings of whole food deliciousness or just as easily makes a smoothie for one.

Price: $139.37 from Amazon

An all-metal drive and stainless steel blade easily powers through frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, and ice. Craft your own blended creations or use the included full-color recipe book with over 150 recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts.

The Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar has received excellent reviews from customers. It currently enjoys a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. This is a well-constructed, feature-rich device and an excellent addition to the kitchen. It would be a good choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty blender minus the high price tag.

Here are the latest comments and more details:

Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar



SMOOTHIE TIP#4: Slim-Down Smoothie

Wonderfully thick and tasty, this healthy smoothie recipe easily substitutes for milkshakes and ice cream.


1 cup frozen or fresh berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries

½ cup low-fat yogurt (any flavor)

½ cup orange juice or other juice

PLACE the berries, yogurt, and orange juice in a blender and pulse for 30 seconds. Blend for 30 seconds, or until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 185 cals, 2 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 90 mg sodium, 35 g carbs, 26 g sugars, 3.5 g fiber, 8 g protein

Try this popular smoothie for weight loss. Very delicious and few calories only.



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COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

No culinary task is too small or too large for the Cosori Pro-Class Blender. Its powerful 1500W motor chops, dices, and purees different types of food to your desired consistency while extracting all the nutrition to keep you healthy. The blender can heat up your food by revving up to a speed of 30,000 RPM, delivering warm soups within minutes for the family to enjoy.

Price: $137.39 from Amazon

The UL-certified motor base comes with a wide array of safety features to ensure hazard-free operation including automatic overload protection, overheat protection, and a pitcher sensor that prevents the motor from running if the pitcher isn’t properly on the base. Both the 64-ounce pitcher and 27-ounce container are crafted from BPA-free materials and are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Cosori includes a tamper, cleaning brush, and 27 oz travel container; You will like recipe book what show you how to mix and match your favorite fruits & vegetables. Cosori’s own kitchen recipe book also contains 21 fresh ideas on sauces, soups, smoothies, and happy hour—entire meal ideas are here.

Latest reviews and more details on Cosori:

COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies



Hamilton Beach Professional Blender

Take your blending power to the next level with the Hamilton Beach Professional Blender. With 1800 watts of peak power and a 2.4 peak horsepower motor, this blender reaches speeds of over 140 mph to blast through ice and other tough ingredients, fast. Built to last, the Professional Blender’s motor is thermal-protected to prevent overheating, and the BPA-free jar is shatterproof.

Price: $151.20 from Amazon

Effortlessly create perfectly blended smoothies, juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind grains. With a variable speed dial, you control the blending to achieve the exact consistency you want every time. Rubber-mounted components make for quieter blending. And a tamper is included to help blend thick or frozen mixtures. Cleanup is a breeze – all parts are dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender’s exceptional performance and superior durability is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

See the latest comments about professional blender for a good price:

 Hamilton Beach Professional Blender



Which Blender Is Right For Me:

This list contains the most popular and the best quality blenders on a market. If you have tried a different one and you like it, just let me know so I can add this blender into our list.

I personally love to make smoothies or shakes with my blender. They are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Therefore I strongly recommend to buy a smoothie maker what is powerful, durable and reliable so you can enjoy every smoothie or meal what you prepare. Investing to a good blender means investing to your health.

Leave a comment below with your smoothie tips or ideas how to prepare a delicious meal with your blender. And enjoy your SMOOTHIE!!!





  1. Thomas

    Great list of Blenders. I have looked into a few of these models myself looking to upgrade.

    My Wife and I are thinking of going with the Ninja. We have the cheaper model now and love it, we make smoothies and acai bowls quite often. However, we are looking to upgrade to the more robust model.

    I like how you broke up the reviews of the models with recipes and tips to keep the reading a bit more interesting!

    1. Post
      Sam Martinsen

      Thanks Thomas

      These smoothie recipes are my favorite ones. If you have a good smoothie maker, you can make a perfect smoothie everyday.

      Have a nice day

      Regards, Sam

  2. Mohamed

    Hey Sam!

    Making smoothies is a real treat for me they are easy to make and you can put whatever you want in them!

    My mom loves to make a kale, spinach, honey and apple mix, she says it gives her energy early in the morning.

    I’ve tried her smoothies before and they are really delicious.

    We have the Ninja Blender you mentioned, it rocks 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews

    1. Post
      Sam Martinsen

      Hi Mohamed

      Kale, apple, spinach and honey is a great combination for a smoothie. As you said, you have so many combinations and you can try a different smoothie almost every day.

      Have a wonderful day

      Regards, Sam

  3. Darren

    I love top 10 or best of posts like this one. They are the perfect setup for a quick reference guide when trying to make a purchasing decision.

    I’m in the market for a blender for the very purpose of making fruit smoothies, particularly banana and strawberry ones. Just looking at the photos is making me thirsty.

    I love the look of the Ninja one, but it’s probably a little out of my budget range. I’m thinking of possibly the NutriBullet. What do you think?

    Thanks for including those smoothie recipes too.

    1. Post
      Sam Martinsen

      Hi Darren

      NutriBullet is not only popular smoothie maker but also very good one. It is strong enough for light shakes or smoothies. You may like that recipe Book is included.

      Enjoy your smoothies and have a wonderful day.


      Regards, Sam  

  4. jeffrey16201

    Just happens my old blender bit the big one a while ago, I was happy with my old blender but it was not made for the beating I gave it so it did not last as long as I had planned

    Which one of the blenders you have shared if the best one for someone who makes smoothies daily on a low spending budget?

    1. Post
      Sam Martinsen


      I recommend Aicok blender. It is very poverful(1400 W) and has a lifetime warranty. And you probably won’t find such a powerful blender for that price. This is really a very good value for a quality what you get.



  5. Angie

    I started making smoothies a few years ago, and the NutriBullet worked fantastic. Well, at least when I was only making one for myself. After I got married, and started making them for 2 (or more) people, it wasn’t as efficient. However, I love, love, love my Ninja. I use it just about every day.

    I am super excited to try out these smoothie recipes! I love trying out new ones. Thanks!

    1. Post

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